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Well, let’s start with our primary purpose which is to serve others both professionally and personally.  We do this by providing excellent stewardship of our projects through respectful collaboration, creative solutions, and common sense implementation.  Best of all, we give 5% of our fee to a worthy cause of our clients’ choice.  We aim to debunk the belief that business isn’t personal.

We are “a Creative”.  We use the term creative to describe our desire to work with others, so think about it as being synonymous with a collaborative, or a think tank.  Whether we are designing or project managing, we guide our clients and the team through each step of the 5 Phases of design which is why our stewardship is so important.  Collaboration, communication and knowing how to handle the challenges that arise throughout the process are what we do best!

Phase 5 Creative focuses on 5 primary project types: office, retail, hospitality, architecture, and adaptive reuse/renovations.  With years of experience and a variety of overlap among these projects, we find the perfect solution often blends the ingredients from several project types together.  This can be seen in our work which reflects a very eclectic array of solutions for a wide variety of projects.  


Lastly, 5 itself has always been an iconic number.  Let’s see:  It’s a symbol of God’s grace, Speed Racer’s Mach Five, Johnny Bench (look him up), the 5 second rule to eat something off the floor, 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot, 5 belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Maroon 5 (don’t think about the SuperBowl performance), The Jackson 5, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, our 5 senses (which should all be represented in great design btw), and the list goes on.…

So, that’s why 5

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